tele-FLEX Telemetry Device


tele-FLEX is an advanced telemetry device providing connectivity to intelligent devices with serial ports and protocols. The device communicates via any media at any speed from radio to TCP/IP. tele-FLEX connects SCADA and HOST software to local or remote field devices.


Din-Rail Industrial Packaging

  • The complete tele-FLEX Node is DIN-rail mounted, to conform to the industrial standard most commonly used. The overall size of a tele-FLEX is approximately 150mm deep, 130mm high and two widths of either 180mm or 3200mm wide

Modular Construction

  • A tele-FLEX Node is made up of individual cards that plug into a backplane that is in turn carried by aluminium DIN-rail holder. The individual cards are selected from an array of CPU's, PSU's serial cards, dedicated communications cards (TCI/IP, Device-Net, etc.) and 110 cards. Each card is 35mm wide.


  • The CPU is Intel-based. This allows a wide variety of operating systems and software to be accommodated. Applications developed under C+ or C++ can be loaded directly on the tele-FLEX Node. This creates an extremely powerful platform 'on the floor' and 'in the field'.


  • Electrical Networks
  • Water and Sewage Networks
  • Industrial Process Control/Mines
  • Wide area systems
  • Available tele-FLEX Cards

PSU Card

  • input +8 to 30 VDC
  • output +5 VDC @ 3A
  • high efficiency switch mode design

CPU Card

  • 386 SX 40mHZ
  • 2 x RS232 Serial ports
  • Diagnostics, general

Multi-Serial Card

  • 4 x RS232 ports
  • Fully independent
  • 300 to 115k baud

Ethernet Card

  • 10 Base T
  • 10 Mbps
  • Supports TCP/IP

Backplane 5 Way

  • PSU, CPU plus 7 cards

DIN 32 Card

  • 32 x Optically Isolated Inputs

DOUT 32 Card

  • 32 x Open Collector Inputs

AIN 8/12 Card

  • 8 x 12 Bit Analog 4-20mA Inputs




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