tele-RANGER Telemetry System


The locally developed tele-RANGER Telemetry System has shown exceptional performance and adaptability, resulting in the capture of a major share of the Southern African telemetry market. Its field proven, user-friendly modular design has made it the ideal product for the harsh African environment.

tele-RANGER finds application in most walks of life as the technology is employed for purposes of water reticulation, sewage reticulation, electrical reticulation and traffic control. It is also used by water management institutions.

A Central Station can be computer-based with modern powerful SCADA software for sophisticated control and data processing, or Mimic Panel display.

Communications options include Radio (conventional or trunked), Landline, Microwave, Fibre optic and PSTN.


System Sizing

  • Suited for systems of 2 to 500 outstations with capacity of up to 500 Input/Output (I/O) per outstation
  • The tele-RANGER compact outstation is an economical solution suitable for smaller remote sites

Modular Construction

  • tele-RANGER can adapt as system requirements change and grow
  • Modules and functions are selected according to user requirements
  • Expansion is easily accomplished by DIN-rail plug-in modules


  • tele-RANGER supports all major local and international SCADA packages
  • Multiple central stations are easily accommodated to provide redundancy for high system reliability
  • Mimic panel solutions are also supported

Communication Mediums

  • All communication mediums and combinations thereof are supported; conventional radio, trunked radio, digital radio, microwave, cable, leased line, dialup modem and cellular

Store and Forward

  • tele-RANGER outstations can act as a store-and-forward digital repeater to extend radio coverage areas

Communication to Third Party Devices

  • RS232 ports are provided to communicate with PLC's, intelligent electronic devices (IED's), data loggers, instrumentation, etc.
  • A wide range of protocol drivers are available for tele-RANGER

Time Stamping

  • Real time clocks provide event time stamping at remote sites

Data Security

  • teleRANGER employs comprehensive error detection techniques including sixteen bit (CRC), context parsing and acknowledge/retry algorithms. These techniques ensure complete data security

Product Profile

  • TR-1306 CPU-2 PLUS Module (Modem-1)
  • Modem-1 (300 Baud FSK) is directly compatible with CPU-1 Systems
  • TR-1307 CPU-2 PLUS Module (Modem-2)
  • Modem-2 (1200 Baud FFSK)
  • TR-1251 RS232 Module
  • SCADA tele-RANGER Protocol (to computer) Adroit, Turbolink, Citect, FactoryLink, Intouch, DMACs, etc.




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